Generosity Community Fundraiser for Carter’s Kids, Inc

So, why should YOU care about THIS fundraiser?

On any given day, there are at least 400,000 children in our nations foster care system due to neglect, abuse or abandonment at home.  With already limited availability to programs that fight daily to increase support for youth in foster care, losing this particular RTC will displace 75 children being served annually. This is not a drop in the bucket. These children’s lives and futures are at stake. 

Additionally, also impacted is the passion, drive and heart of the people serving each youth that can only be quantified by the prosperity of these children in life.  Currently, our children benefit from the love, stability, guidance and opportunities Carter’s Kids’ staff of professionals.  


We are currently raising $375,000 for the down payment to purchase the residence the children currently call home. Currently the property is leased. However, due to unfortunate circumstances the landlord (now seller) urgently needs to liquidate. The current owner needs to liquidate his assets and this home is one of them. The short notice presents a challenge that only a community of love and compassion can meet.

We can accomplish this with your help and support by posting this campaign on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and any other social media platform.  We encourage you to call your friends. We encourage you to share this campaign using e-mail with everyone. 50,000 donations of $20 would equal $1M. For the impact that this organization has on youth year after year – is it worth the amount most people pay to park for a major sporting event like a NBA or NFL game? ABSOLUTELY!

Carter’s Kids, Inc is making impact on the most severe cases of abused youth in foster care. In our typical cases, the rights of the parents are legally revoked.  The fact is this: these youths have had THEIR LOVED ONES fall very short of meeting the child’s BASIC needs. The needs of stability, love, support, understanding, guidance, mentorship, encouragement, empowerment, goal setting and accomplishment. Everything it took for the Founder, Tim Carter, to become successful in school and in his NFL Career. Tim’s passion is providing these youths with the environment he had growing up so they can experience the best life has to offer. As you can see, the place these children call home is a testament of that commitment.

With your help, Carter’s Kids can do the same! Together, with your donation of any amount – we can accomplish the same goal.

It takes a community to raise a child; in this instance, our foster care children lives’ are made brighter through the impact made by Carter’s Kids.